Guide to Growing Tea

Growing Tea

There are four main types of tea:  black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea (pronounced wu-long). The other varieties include scented, flavored and “herbal infusions.” What many people don’t know is that these four types of tea come from one plant, NOT four different species of plant. And, whilst there are many different types of tea available, most originate from the ‘Tea Plant’,  known as Camellia Sinensis.

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Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit

Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit

Testing your soil pH is crucial if you want to avoid losses. Your soil pH is the key to understanding if essential nutrients will be available to the roots of your plants. Plants can only access these nutrients if the soil pH is within a certain range. If it isn’t, your crops will never make it no matter how much fertilizer you add. Let’s go back to school for those that don’t know what pH is.

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34 Common Potato Growing Problems and Solutions

Common Potato Growing Problems and Solutions

Although potatoes are easy to grow, there are a number of diseases, pests and growth issues that may arise. To successfully manage these problems, you should be able to identify them. You probably won’t be able to reverse all conditions and may need to destroy some plants. However, catching the problem early can make all the difference. So, pay close attention to the health of your potato plants and inspect them thoroughly at the first signs of sickness. Here are a few common problems you’ll face when growing potatoes.

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Meet Moomba Thornicroft – A New Farmer on the Block

You’re about to start living a true farm life. You’ve probably already started pursuing your dream after work hours or on weekends. You can’t wait to grow entrepreneurial endeavor so it can sustain your family. While we’re glad you visit, we also want to bring you the  inspiration you need to keep going. Here’s what Moomba has to say.

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Nine Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas

agricultural landscape

If you’re thinking of getting into the agricultural sector but worried that may not make any money, I have some good news for you. Apart from domestic demand, the agricultural industry brings in huge export prospects. However, to make money from an agricultural business, you need to have the knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business.

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How To Grow Watermelons


Watermelons are greedy. They need a lot of room to spread, a lot of water, good drainage, lots of sunlight and lots of nutrients. Despite all these needs, they are very easy to grow.  Watermelons grow from seed. However, don’t use seed out of melons you bought because they probably hybrids which are special crosses that don’t grow true to type.

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“My backyard garden gives me varieties of fresh veggies”

Growing your own vegetable garden can do more than provide tasty produce. Gardening can improve health, save money and even boost mood.

Nyambe is a Zambian small scale farmer that never buys vegetables. She grows here own in her backyard.“I love growing my own food. And the best part is, I don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store,” says Nyambe. “My backyard garden gives me varieties of fresh veggies,” Nyambe continues.

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